• Yolanda Hawkins

Day to night look

In our society, wardrobe speaks volumes to others as you are judged by what you wear. Higher credibility and level of attention is given to a well-dressed person. I knew this for a fact from occasional nights out on the town, but I wanted to test this on a casual day. I put together 2 looks with the same outfit to wear. 

My first look I considered a daytime look pictured wearing a headband. My second was casual nighttime, consisting of heels and a blazer. My plan was to spend a day dressed in each look. I did not change my persona, or my activities. I ran errands as I would in my work uniform prior to a shift or my casual class clothing. I set out to analyze public reaction and interaction based on how I dressed, which was significantly different. In my daytime look, I was deemed more approachable. I received compliments from random strangers. At times it became an initiator for conversation in idle times such as in line at Starbucks “are you an actress?” “Nice pants”. On another occasion I wore my nighttime look. As I entered places of business people would open doors for me, one with an open, warm signal and nod for me to pass. At the mall in particular, store associates rushed to my assistance. There I also recall a guy hitting on me with a bit of insecurity. He told me he was starting his own business and was going to “get rich” so now was my chance. My heels clicked far away from him as I got my eye roll for the day. I was also given a business card from a photographer, and asked by a recruiter if I was looking for employment. People use how you dress as an indicator so I was curious to know how people perceived me in these looks. I asked various people. I was given positive responses such as well dressed, European, fashion forward, social, and confident. In addition, I received negative correlations such as stuck up, a little ostentatious and unapproachable. 

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