• Yolanda Hawkins

Man vs. Pink

Gender specific colors are socially created and capitalized by companies. At one time pink suits with floral embroidery were considered masculine. Now pink is considered “girly” as it creates a stigma for men to wear this color. I personally dislike the color pink. I don’t find it attractive on either male or female party outside of very early childhood. However men who choose to wear pink challenge social norms and can be viewed as secure in their masculinity. I was curious how men are perceived when seen wearing this color. As predicted, this blend of red and white has become more accepted but with reservations.

“I think it can be sexy on a guy if worn in an understated way” –Female, 34 “I have no problem wearing any color especially pink because of the degree of radiance. Now as far as less masculine or less confident those are all insecurities brought on by other men who are not educated” -Male, 50 I think confident because there’s no such stigma about men wearing pink. I do however think that not all men can pull it off. -Female, 28 “I mean it’s cool….. I guess” –Male, 23 “It really depends on the type of shirt and shade of pink. It can look feminine on guys but depends on if the shade compliments their skin tone or doesn’t.” -Female, 29 “Less masculine, most definitely!” –Male, 68 "If he is wearing pink on a trendy aspect like he's really into fashion or metro then it's fine, otherwise I would wonder why he's wearing it" -Female, 30 "It takes confidence to wear pink. Not my first color choice, but I would wear it" -Male, 31 

"I feel like a man can still be masculine. If anything, it shows that the individual is secure with himself and is confident as well. He can wear anything and not feel emasculated" Male, 38

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