• Yolanda Hawkins


Some men like a girly girl. Some men like tomboys. Some men like other men. And some men like men that dress like Elsa from Frozen. I however was curious to know how heterosexual men perceive women who dress like tomboys. The feedback had some pros and cons. Pros 1. Not high maintenance I recall someone saying they didn’t start getting ready until he saw his girlfriend spraying “that stuff after her makeup” on her face. It’s called setting spray by the way. The point is tomboys usually don’t take a long time to get ready. They can also be very outdoorsy, not afraid to get dirty and she’s not going to drag you along on an all-day shopping trip. 2. Natural beauty Although they may lack fashion sense to some, they are often into sporting activities and the gym which could mean a hot figure underneath that baggie shirt. “I don’t like a girl that wears a lot of makeup” stated one 31 year old male. Cons 1. Non Feminine The lack of femininity can result in her never wanting to dress up and forget the pretty panties. “I like a girl who loves football but can be formal” male, 37. Cause every Jay-Z needs a Beyoncé if the occasion calls. 2. Dating one of the boys “There’s nothing sexy about a girl who looks like she can put me in a headlock” male, 29. So what I gather here is the pro can be a girl who plays football and the con is she will beat you. She dresses down and maybe talks like one of the guys. 

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