• Yolanda Hawkins

Closet Purge

In my recent move, I took the opportunity to declutter my wardrobe. I found items with price tags that I forgot I had as a result. I am a lover of fashion and clothing but thrive on organization. Of course there is always the fear of missing that article if you get rid of it but I assure you, you won’t. Step 1: develop a pile system KEEP: high designer, vintage items, and obviously stuff you would wear.  SELL: repeat items in your closet. I counted 22 new black mesh tops. I kept them all and didn’t sell them but it’s a tip. DONATE: if you haven’t worn an article of clothing in multiple seasons, it’s safe to say you never will. If you have to look at something and think “would I ever wear this again?” or have post traumatic stress of an unflattering piece you shamelessly purchased years ago, LET IT GO. Also if you wouldn’t want to bump into your ex or enemy wearing it, LET IT GO. TRASH: items that are discolored, stained, broken zippers, or outdated. That Ed Hardy shirt is never going to come back in style. Thanks to the closet purge, my closet is clean, color coordinated, and up to current fashion standards. I was able to part with multiple unknown, unwanted, or embarrassing clothing articles that simply took up unnecessary space.  

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