• Yolanda Hawkins


Recently I’ve noticed a large number of pajama wearers on campus, and various places of business. This included the wearing of a pajama onsie with winter boots. The ultimatum was a pair of pajama pants ripped from his inner thigh down on one side. I thought I had accidentally stopped at Walmart. Pajama days were created at school, because its not supposed to be everyday attire.  

Not here to tell anyone how to dress but I was curious of how others perceived pajamas in public. Some I asked, assumed the person to be lazy and careless with their appearance. Others however saw it as a form of security because they didn’t care what others thought. I gather, if you wear pajamas all day with the ideal of “comfort” then what will you have to look forward to at the end of the day? Part of getting a good nights rest is slipping into lounge clothing. Public interaction with no bra, in cartoon pajamas lacks appropriateness. It also states you skipped the shower this morning and probably didn’t even bother to brush your teeth. Everyday is pajama day if you live in the playboy mansion, but if you’re reading this you probably don’t live there. Opt to slip on a pair of sweats or yoga pants for comfortable dignity.  

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