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Hawaiian style is laid back, comfortable, and non-vain. I recall the first day my tour guide above said “dress comfortable” so I did... LA comfortable apparently, which differed from Hawaiian perspective of comfort. The first day my satin “comfy” Zara jogger pants were ruined from a spontaneous ocean dip. I quickly learned to embrace no makeup and dressed for adventure. I also recall being out exploring town where a local told me Top of Waikiki was a great place to go. It appeared upscale when searched online. I should go back to the hotel and change. They’re not going to let me in with flip flops, I thought. They not only directed me to the rooftop bar in an upbeat manner but complimented my pants. When I arrived upstairs I discovered everyone was dressed casually, including the live singer who performed in a white t-shirt. I may have eventually learned how to dress like a local but sure as hell didn’t talk like one. Accidentally responding to Aloha as “Ah-hola”.  

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