• Yolanda Hawkins


I don’t mean to brag, but a barista at Starbucks once told me I looked bad ass in my leather jacket and gave me a free latte. I am pictured with my latte as if it were a Grammy at Central Park in New York.

I find it interesting the various perspectives when I wear a leather jacket. I think the color plays a role in perspective. Black or embroidered jackets often receive the association of “biker chic”, “sleek”, or “bad ass” from my experience. Red gets the Michael Jackson stamp.

Leather jackets are versatile. You can wear them with anything. Jeans, sweats, a maxi dress. For girls night out, date night, a casual day and some even offer sophistication to wear to the office. Leather vests are fun also. You can wear them on overcast day with a long sleeve top of some type, depending on the temperatures. Leather jackets are timeless, and perfect for chili Spring nights and Fall season. Well with the exception of Fall weather in New York. I was colder than polar bear toe nails.

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