• Yolanda Hawkins

Would Judge Judy approve?

Recently I observed how people dress when they step foot into the courtroom. I was astonished by some of the attire I encountered. The worst was a lady in an unappealing crop top, short shorts, with her granny panties hanging out the bottom of her shorts. I know beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder, but I doubt a brewery could even help. I thought THIS is how you want to present yourself to the judge!? Or to anyone for that matter. The sheriff took time to call out all the inappropriately dressed people in the courtroom. People make assumptions about you based on your appearance. I was inspired to blog about court attire that is classy and court standard. Obvious (or not so obvious) items to not wear to court would include shorts, crop tips, sexy or provocative clothing, and wrinkled or dirty attire. I chose some looks of Victoria Beckham as I adore her style. I also attached a clip of Judge Judy’s perspective on bad attire. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuNBvix9cMc&feature=share

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