• Yolanda Hawkins

How to capitalize spending into money for traveling

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked how I afford to go on trips, I’d be a millionaire. I’m a single girl with a job that pays me this thing called money. But there are some pointers that have helped me begin to explore my passion and itinerary for traveling. You don’t have to be Bill Gates, you just have to be strategic and enterprising. 1. Budget out the non-necessities I used to spend $300 plus a month on Starbucks. Frequenting sometimes twice a day and throwing in a tip along with an extra pastry. I remember one day ordering a latte before class and throwing it away still half full afterwards. I thought to myself what a waste of money. It was habitual, unhealthy and didn’t even wake me up. To the surprise of people who know me well, I do not frequent Starbucks as I used to. I rather spend that money on a flight. I could go on and on about ways to save money. 2. Take advantage of holiday weekends On Memorial Day for example, my place of employment closed for the holiday. Since I had a couple of days off I took advantage of a short trip. I had never been to Seattle and thought why not. It was a great opportunity to knock out those close destinations, while saving far destinations for summer travel. 3. Book in advance Some trips I have booked spontaneously but best believe when I travel, I’ve usually booked months in advance for the best rates. 4. Travel rewards 

Two words AMERICAN EXPRESS. Reward yourself with travel by spending your own money. 5. Strategize for your time off For those longer vacations, put money aside for your time off as a buffer. If you have paid vacation this won’t be necessary but putting money aside saves you stress of overworking to compensate for your time off upon return. 6. Piggy bank Cents turn into dollars, make sense. I used to have a venti (Starbucks) cup that I’d throw spare dollars into. You’ll be surprised how quick it adds up. Funny that my piggy bank was the one thing I was actually spending too much money on. Money you can make back, but you cannot get back time. I am excited for what is to come, and to share my passions for fashion, travel and culture outside of my domain.  

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