• Yolanda Hawkins

The closet full of clothes, nothing to wear tragedy

I’m definitely guilty of saying I have nothing to wear with a closet full of clothes. I’m also guilty of being hangry and not knowing what I want to eat, but that’s a different story. Since I’m not Cher from Clueless with a closet app, I’ve managed to find some solutions in my shopping/organizing habits to avoid this dilemma. 1. Clone clothing I used to be guilty of the little black dress syndrome. For any dress up occasion I would walk in a store and buy a black dress (not purposefully). Before I knew it I had way too many that all began to look similar. Now I make a point to avoid buying clothing that look alike. Who needs 50 pairs of black dress pants? Ok ok SOMETIMES Zara adds lace or some sequins of some type and I just HAVE to make an exception. 2. Shopping without outfit regards This I’ve also been guilty of. Walk by a store, sees a cute funky crop top. Once I take it home it decorates my closet as I don’t really have anything to match it with. The end result is finding it months later with the price tag still in tact. 3. Closet organization 

Pros of growing up with an OCD organized, clean freak mom was the house was always clean. The con is I’m constantly cleaning. Well not really a con but maybe the best thing to ever rub off on me from my mom. I organize my closet neatly by color which helps me find and execute outfits easier. 

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