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Tattoos in the high fashion industry

Photo courtesy of Erin Parsons

Photo courtesy of Erin Parsons- @erinparsonsmakeup 

I have been following New York Fashion Week as it is my dream to attend the event. I was intrigued to blog about tattoos in the fashion world. I myself have numerous tattoos (one on my stomach which I am currently removing). It appears as if modern society is finally accepting tattoos in the fashion world. Fashion is art, and so are tattoos. This allows the model self expression and to break free of the stigmas and narrow views on tattoo art. These views include what is chic, what is feminine, and their professional stance. Some high fashion lines such as Dion Lee have exhibited temporary tattoos for runway models. The Spring 2019 runway looks featured delicate lace tattoos. Tattoos have also began to make their way into other fashion ads such as Zara and Valentino.  

Marc Jacobs has expressed his views on tattoos in the fashion industry. He had interviewers question him about his futuristic thoughts towards his artwork. He replied “who knows what what he will think 30 years from now, but even more than that, who cares”. I loved reading this article as it served as an indicator not to be influenced by what people think. Do what makes you happy and don’t judge a book by its cover.  

Photo courtesy of fashionista.com

Photo courtesy of Zara.com

Photo courtesy of James DeMolet - @jamesdemolet 

Photo courtesy of the cut.com

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