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Zodiac style: what your sign says about your style


Known for their leadership roles and confidence, Aries gravitate towards bright colors, daring pieces but comfortable clothing.  


Practicality is reflected in their style as their fashion style is traditional and effortless and are not overly ostentatious.  


They are social, youthful, chipper, and personality of the room. They could never be a wallflower even in their wardrobe. The wearing of bright colors and the making of their own fashion rules award goes to this dualistic nature.  


In touch with their emotional side, this sign seeks comfort and familiarity. They are feminine and put together in styles that are classic.  


Hear me roar can be applied in their fashion sense as well. They are trendsetters that make statements and don’t mind standing out in a crowd. Sign them up for bold prints, colors, and logos. Also their hair is their accessory as they wear it like their mane.  


Sharp and tidy perfectionists, they tend to sport tailored looks. They are minimalists with sophistication and perhaps a signature piece to bring together an effortless look.  


They can wear statement looks or simple ones depending on which way the scales tip that day. They are chic and classic with their own style.  


Mysterious scorpios appeal to lady like fashion items that have an edge. We also tend to wear a lot of dark colors including dark plums. I’ll stop wearing all black when they invent a darker color.  


Comfort and causality is key. They tend to wear polished, relaxed, and non over the top looks.  


Their style can be described as feminine and sophisticated. Embracing tradition in their fashion style.  


This air sign is hard to pin in their fashion style. They break fashion rules and can vary from chic to sophistication. 


Artistic and romantic, they are simplistic and feminine but not necessarily into fashion trends.

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