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Pros and cons of being a tote bag girl

I am that woman that carries everything including the kitchen sink in her purse. However there are pros and cons of being the woman that carries around an airplane. Pro: I have everything I ever need You need water? I can hydrate the NFL. Hair out of place? Here let me find my straightener near the bottom. Con: the weight of the world on my shoulders Literally. I never forget the Black Friday shopping trip that I learned my lesson quickly. I decided to bring along my thousand pound tote bag. They should have had mark downs on the muscle heat pads my shoulder needed after that trip. Pro: totes are fashionable Who doesn’t love a nice tote. Designer bags are always a plus but you can even find sleek totes at stores such as H&M. Con: on some occasions they can be a bit much If you’re going on a date or a night out, it’s not really necessary to carry around a massive bag that will just get in the way. Downsizing can be difficult when you just never know what you will need. 

Pro: self defense If you can’t find the pepper spray lodged down in the bottom of your purse, at least you can hit the attacker with a Gucci brick. 

Con: they are more expensive This varies of course by materials and designer but in general the girl that opts for a small clutch, wins in the financial department. 

Pro: they stand on their own Never have to worry about your purse flopping over as everything falls out. 

Maybe one day I will be the girl that can manage with a wristlet but until then I’ll consider my tote bag a free cardio workout.

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