• Yolanda Hawkins

What’s the day before Black Friday called again?

Remember the days when Black Friday or “Black Eye Friday” began on 5am on Friday morning? Consumers including myself waited outside retailers doors, waiting to prey on cheap product. Your Thanksgiving carbs were fuel to throw fists in Target for a cheap flatscreen. As the years have passed stores have began to move times up to midnight and now even on Thanksgiving Day at 5pm. I was intrigued to survey people on their perspectives if limited quantity, scarcity or flash sales effected their buying impulse. The ladies were most commonly prompted by sales. One of my surveys was conducted on my Instagram story. 296 replied with the result of 58% saying yes and 42% no. Some couldn’t resist a good deal on a Prada bag, others checked out immediately if the notification that only 2 items were left! Although I am happy to score a good deal, I do believe Black Friday should remain on Black Friday. Thanksgiving dinners wait as family time is exchanged for shopping deals. Employees are also forced to work or lose their jobs instead of time with their family. With busy schedules, it is important to take one day to spend it with the people you are grateful for.  

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