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5 things I learned in my first year of blogging

1.  Leave the fear of judgement behind Before I began blogging, I contemplated about it for a long time. To be honest my fear was what others would think or I’m not a “writer”. Blogging has benefited me by teaching me to step out of my comfort zones and not worry with the opinions of others. 

2.  Blogging is a business & constant job From brainstorming new content, outfits, answering emails, social media engagement, writing and photo shoots. For me it ranges from a hobby to a chore. It is an industry in which you get what you give and that sometimes means using any given idle time to do so. 3. Take constructive criticism

Know when to take constructive criticism into account and heed negativity. I was able to tell the very difference quickly. 4. Don’t compare yourself to others Some bloggers will be on chapter 22, while you’re still on chapter 1. Never compare yourself. If anything use their success as motivation for your own. 5. There are no rules You are the master of your own creation and making your own niche. Also in the fashion sense, it has been fun to explore making your own fashion rules. If you want to mix funky colors, patterns, sneakers with dressy wear, or blog about statement pants, DO IT.  

Thank you everyone for you support! Here’s to what is to come for year #2! 

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