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I’ve created my Holiday movie title inspired gift guide on Amazon! Check it out and get some Christmas shopping done. My holiday categories and descriptions are listed below! 

Home Alone The title totally gives it away. This receiver on your Christmas list is in for some cozy home items to snuggle up on a rainy day. The Grinch Don’t talk to me with my headphones in and is there a mute button for this Uber driver? Brighten up their day with this gift guide. Kiss kiss bang bang Ahem well.. these gifts can range for the girl you just met 2 weeks before Christmas to a sexy gift for the one you love. Peace on Earth Everyone can appreciate relaxation and zen, as it is essential. Spa items also make perfect gifts for the holidays. Christmas vacation We all know that person that jumps on a plane every chance they get, as I am one of them. This list is for the jet setter on your Christmas list. A Charlie Brown Christmas If you are shopping for a minimalist who insists on no gift, this is your list. This person appreciates the essentials, self care, and skincare. Love actually As a lover of fashion and clothing, this list goes out to the fashionistas. Office Christmas party And finally it’s that time of the year. White elephant, holiday parties, and gift exchanges at work. These inexpensive gifts are perfect for the giving season. 

Link to my Amazon storefront 


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