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Rules are made to be broken

Rules are made to be broken right? I looked back on 2018 and some of my favorite old school fashion rules that are now fashionable and fun to break.  

Mixing bold patterns and prints 

I am loving this trend but it can be tricky to execute. My advice to is to match colors first then focus on the prints. I match a bolder, busy print with a more subtle print like pictured here. 

Mixing bold colors 

This became a goal of mine as my past shopping trips always resulted in me buying all black. I now love adding color combinations into my wardrobe. Greens and yellows, blue and turquoise tones, orange with blues and the possibilities go on.  

Sneakers with suits or blazers 

Sneakers are not just for the gym ok. Just don’t wear them to a job interview. Unless your interviewing to be on Jerry Springer. I adore the power suit and sneakers trend. It literally caters to my inner comfortable chic.  

Sweatpants and no chill 

Who says sweats should only be worn for chilling? Sweats can be fashionable if worn right. I love pairing them with a nice trench coat and trendy sneakers when traveling for example. It gives sweatpants a hint of sophistication while staying warm and cozy.  

Mixing prohibited colors 

I’m sure you’ve heard the fashion rules of not wearing black with brown or navy blue. Ok I agree with the navy blue, but tell me what colors are leopard print!? I think it’s all about the shades and how you style the pieces.  

Mixing high end pieces with low end

I personally disagree with this rule. Style can be the ability of making low end pieces look the part. I’m not above wearing a $40 top with a $800 pair of pants. I’ve personally worn outfits where the most expensive piece was a simple accessory. Like a Fashion nova outfit with a Louis Vuitton scarf, but it blended with perfection.  

Shorts are not just for summer 

This picture was taken in December 2018. But with that a side you can pair shorts with a thick pair of tights and boots when the temperatures are cooler. 

Socks with sandals 

Whether you should wear socks with sandals is a controversial fashion statement. I don’t think it’s a crime, but they have to be worn correctly. Make sure they’re fashionable socks of course and wear them in a way that looks intentional, as a statement piece.  

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