How I practice self-care when traveling

Request off the day before vacation and the day after

I used to work until the night before my flight, sometimes resulting in no sleep as I rushed home to finish packing and showering before an early morning flight. You don’t realize it then, but you leave for your trip on E, contributing to sleep and immunity decreases. Now I take the day off before to run errands, clean, do laundry, and get my dog situated while leaving with a good night's rest. Upon return you can also get things back in order and catch up on rest as well.

Eat a balanced meal before your flight 

After that good night's rest, get up and have a good breakfast. I used to grab a donut and coffee at the airport, then snack on the plane, snack some more in the airport lay overs, then arrive to my dinner reservation at my destination in a severe state of hunger. That also contributes to that start on E.

Under-eye treatment & skincare

I will also speak in the name of skincare, and I don’t skip that routine on vacation. I mainly focus on under-eye treatments to combat jet lag fatigue so you can look rested. After completing my skincare regimen after a morning shower, I “bake” with Tatcha’s "The Pearl" under-eye treatment while getting ready. At night I use Sunday Riley’s Auto Correct brightening and depicting contour cream. In between on more extended vacations, a Sephora pomegranate anti-fatigue under eye strip comes in handy in your hotel room.

Don’t jam-pack an itinerary 

I learned my lesson in Paris years ago. We scheduled an 8 am cooking class, ran across the street to a cafe for a double shot of espresso for that energy boost, caught a taxi to make our Eiffel Tower tour... barely, and then rushed off to the following excursion after that. I was exhausted. I never caught up on sleep on that trip and came home excessively drained. I also love the go-with-the-flow feel on vacations, where you wake up and go with the day's vibe. I don’t want to be on vacation and feel like I'm attending to my demanding daily schedule at home. 

Drink plenty of water 

Balance that wine with water. Flights also always make me dry out in addition to walking to explore and traveling to dry or winter climates. 

Take your vitamins & herbs  

Lastly, I pack my vitamins and herbs. Vitamin C is essential, of course. Another suggestion is Ashwagandha to make you feel calm to fall asleep.


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