My Favorite Productivity Hack

Want to work without feeling like you are working? When I first started graduate school, I quickly discovered typing hours of papers in my apartment became repetitious. I began to find innovative ways to make studying “fun.” I visited various places until I discovered my favorite settings to learn in dynamic environments. You can mix it up and order food, a latte, or even a glass of wine. 

You don’t have to be in school for this. You can be a teacher needing to grade papers, a producer needing to work on a script, a manager working on a schedule, a realtor, a lawyer, and so forth. 

I make sure to pick vibrant places continuously but where the majority surrounding you are on the same task. For example, Bodega Wine Bar in Santa Monica multitasks as a cafe from 8-5 pm. Order a pizza and work on your laptop in an open-air space as others around you do the same.

Another of my favorites is The Proper Hotel, surrounded by fantastic decor. The upstairs is also an outdoor bar & restaurant, including a separate area perfect for lounging and setting up a space to get work done. 

On another occasion, I needed to complete a reading assignment which I did so poolside with a glass of bubbles or made a picnic with my dog and studied near the beach. Working in these environments or pairing it with a desirable meal and drink is a great mind trick tactic to increase productivity and not feel like you are not entirely working. The burnout rate in our society is high, so finding a work and self-care balance is essential.

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