Skincare From Within

The cosmetic industry is currently worth 534 billion dollars. Gabriel (2013) highlights the industry's emphasis on appearance with the use of cosmetic mechanisms rather than physiology, and I contribute. I follow a very intense skincare regimen because who wants to age like a Trader Joe's banana and not have glowing skin? 

Despite my usage of many creams, serums, face masks (no, not the pandemic ones), and toners, great nutrition aligns with skincare as well as "whole body" homeostasis through stress regulation and happiness wellness (Gabriel, 2013). In this blog, however, I wanted to focus on some foods I consume to contribute to my inner skin care routine. 

Sweet Potatoes

I bake the entire potato with the skin and enjoy it with an after-workout snack or baked chicken. The skin also provides high amounts of Vitamin C, an extra perk! That vitamin A, though. 

Pomegranate Seeds

These tiny seeds provide anti-aging via collagen and elastin production. They are very vitamin C-rich fruit with polyphenols to assist cell regeneration, sun damage, and firmer skin. 

Goji Berries

Containing significant antioxidants, they protect from free radicals for age delay. They also have other benefits such as immunity, cancer prevention, liver protection, and blood sugar regulation. 


Heal those dark spots and scars, and protect against UV radiation and free radicals with beneficial amounts of vitamins A, C, K and fiber. Iron also provides hemoglobin for blood transportation to prevent paleness. It's no secret that spinach is a healthy leafy green and easy to incorporate into your diet through smoothies, and I even add it to my scrambled eggs. 

Green Tea

Vitamin E and B2 contribute to and fight bacterial growth with polyphenols to prevent acne. Also great as an anti-inflammatory agent and soft skin. Maybe one day, if you ask Siri to make your skin glow, she will hand you a cup of green tea.



Salmon contains the equation for skincare with eicosapentaenoic acid an omega-three fatty acid. Also, astaxanthin is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant and carotenoid responsible for its red pigmentation that blocks UV. Finally, take advantage of the biotin, vitamin D, and protein for skin cell regeneration (Miller, 2016). 

Bone Broth 

Lastly, upon my most recent skincare acquisition, bone broth. The broth is collagen and gelatin rich for elasticity, wrinkle reduction, vibrancy, and youthfulness.



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