• Yolanda Hawkins

Why I now get up & dress daily for quarantine

The first week of my quarantine, beginning on March 15th, I knew the pandemic was detrimental, but never anticipated it would take a turn like this. I am always on the go. Like any other week, I had multiple social events planned, school, work, and business related endeavors. Upon quarantine, I became distressed where I thought “why bother getting dressed?”. I have always been someone who has answered the “who are you trying to impress” question with “myself“. Yet here I was not getting dressed because, who was going to see? Who cares?

I spoke with a friend and told her my struggle of slowing down & that I just found myself changing from my “day pajamas” to my night ones. She recommended that I modify these habits by getting up and getting dressed for work from home. I have done so and let me tell you, it has helped me tremendously. I have a schedule. I get up, do some online yoga, shower, get dressed, do my skincare, and make breakfast. And boom the next thing you know, I’m sitting on my laptop being productive with a cup of green tea.

This situation serves as a valuable lesson. Mine is discipline, not to take things for granted, and the need to slow down sometimes. I wanted to share some tips below on how you can turn outfits into comfortable clothing to wear in your home. Get up and get dressed! Try it! Do it for yourself. Keeping a schedule is crucial, as we must not fall into lazy and depressive habits. Today I wore leather pants and a puff sleeve shirt. You can wear anything on quarantine of course, but here are some cozy ideas.

Jogger pants

One of my favorites. These satin joggers are so comfortable. Also I cross my legs a lot and would like to not cut off my circulation in tight jeans.


Also very comfortable. I have avoided wearing jeans as they are binding to me & my furniture is all white! (Jean material stains)

Long socks

My feet are always cold and my pedicure also now looks like a French manicure.

Loose blouses

Breathable and they’re great for FaceTime dates in the living room. Just don’t spill any wine on it.

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