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Mom genes

Today is my mom’s birthday so I thought why not blog about 80s and 90s Fashion? Fashion trends tend to come back at some point, hence the choker era that millennials embraced. I found some old photos of my mom supporting these fashion trends, which have reappeared. 1. Blazers with shoulder pads 

The crazy things is when I was younger, I found shoulder pads obnoxious. Like hello only old people wear those! Now I shamelessly own numerous Zara blazers.. with shoulder pads. 2. High wasted pants  

Pro they show off that hour glass figure. Con they also show off “that” bloating. 3. Ray bans 

Celebrity icons such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Tom Cruise drove Raybans to popularity in the 80s. 4. White pumps  

White heels have left their stigma behind and have made a comeback of sophistication, demonstrated in Paris’ recent Fashion Week. They were also fun for my childhood dress up apparently.  Lace, track pants, flared bottoms, ruffles, and even fanny packs are some of the numerous fashion trends we once detested of our mothers. They have returned and prospered in high fashion. Consider our mothers Fashion role models. 

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