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Here’s to my series on traveling style. During my travels I do opt for style, comfort, and warmth. Traveling in the fall and winter is tricky. You can fly from 80 degrees on the west coast to polar bear temperatures on the east. Layers are always my friend. I typically avoid jeans for long flights as they feel binding to me. I’m that person that bends their legs in the fetal position and passes out on the airplane window. My favorite pants to travel in are joggers. Throw them on with some trendy sneakers and a leather jacket. I like to dress in a way where I anticipate my landing. I’m usually someone who lands and hits the ground running. Also I’ve had occasions like my Hawaii trip for example, where I landed very early. My hotel did not have early check in available for hours. Luckily I was dressed comfortable but not “homeless”. I was able to check my suitcases and explore as I waited for my room to be prepared.  

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