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Summer and Nights

I love traveling to other places and observing how others dress during different seasons. I recall my trip to Seattle. It was May and I was in a leather coat. I was freezing as I watched natives walk past me in flip flops. These people are crazy I thought. Fall in New York required me to be in layers day and night. I had a barista compliment my boots then ask me where I was from. She mentioned she could tell by how I was dressed. Huh? It was 38 degrees. In LA, fall weather can mean shorts and flips flops during the day (because it is still legitimately 90 degrees in October) or a light jacket or coat, as we consider 60 degrees cold. I saw a meme on overheardla that said there are 2 seasons in LA - “summer and nights”. It was the most accurate thing I ever saw. Therefore this look is an LA girl inspired look for nighttime cool temps. Staying cozy in my Zara turtleneck. My red pants are from BCBG Maxazria which feature side slits. My feet however are kept warm in my Zara snakeskin boots. In the event you are still chilly, you can throw on a long black blazer and be LA fall weather warm and fashionable.  

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