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Can I have an extra side of ketchup?

The color red has psychological influences that can go about non consciously. From color in marketing and branding, to picking out colors to wear to a date versus a job interview. Red holds many positive attributes such as passion, leadership, confidence, and energy. According to a 2012 study performed by researchers at the University French study of South Brittany, waitresses receive higher tip wages, when wearing red. For various reasons I myself as a server/bartender believe that wearing red on the clock is advantageous for various reasons: 1. Tip talk 

I myself have noticed this inflation in tips when wearing red lipstick. Not only ensuing in larger tips but tip talk as women patrons compliment and ask for the branding of what lipstick is being worn. 2. Power color 

American politicians often wear red ties as they are symbolic for “power” ties in the position of persuasion. Red ties match well with varies suit colors including black, navy, and gray. Server sales thrive on upselling where persuasion occurs in the selling of shaved truffles on one’s entree for example. With that being said, men are not left to the wayside of the red advantage. 3. Evidence supports red uniform advantage 

According to a 2005 study performed by sports psychologists Russell Hill and Robert Barton, athletes performed significantly better when wearing the color red. 4. Stain friendly 

Lastly, red is stain friendly. White is beautiful. But it is high maintenance when bussing food and beverages. Freeman, D. (2012, August 3). Waitresses Wearing Red Get Bigger Tips From Male Customers, French Study Shows. Retrieved January 28, 2019, from Hill, R. A., & Barton, R. A. (2005). Red enhances human performance in contests. Retrieved January 28, 2019, from

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