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8 tips for traveling alone as a female

So I’ve had many reactions to traveling internationally alone. Some in praise and some in disapproval. I’ve also been asked many questions concerning if it was “scary” or how I executed things. This inspired me to blog some personal tips for traveling alone as a woman. 1. Make sure it’s a place you will feel SAFE This was priority for me. There are some places I aspire to visit but will absolutely not do so without a compadre. 2. Plan some, wing some I planned 2 major destinations I wished to visit but 1 is good as well. From there I would take day trips to other countries. Traveling country to country is inexpensive in Europe. One taxi ride, 80 euros, and a short train ride later, you’re in another country. I usually also travel with full itinerary but decided not to overbook myself this trip. Selecting some main must see attractions, and winging the rest. 3. Less is more You will definitely meet a lot of “cool” people while traveling. When you’re alone it is important to never over share. Especially what hotel you’re staying at or what your next move will be. “Hey stranger tomorrow I’ll be showering at 8am at Four seasons in room 222 before touring the Eiffel Tower at 10am. Come shank me there!” If you’re sitting at a bar and guys attempt to invite you out, you can politely decline. State that your friend is not “feeling well” back at the hotel & that you stepped out for a quick bite. Have a story. 4. 6th sense Use this for people also. You can call it a 6th sense or common sense. Even when I ask others to take my pictures. You’re handing a complete stranger your iPhone. I had no shame. I asked a police officer to take my picture at Sagrada Família with angle instructions! Outside of that I would scan for the most “trustworthy” looking tourist or people in the service industry. 5. Always be aware of your surroundings Seems cliche but very important. In Gòtic quarter for example there are a lot of alleys. I stuck to alleys that were full of people or main streets. 6. Do not get intoxicated Everyone knows their drinking limit. Besides who wants to get drunk alone. But in terms of meeting “cool” people it’s never safe to drink profusely without a wingman. 7. Confidence Outside of traveling to Europe, I had never been on a train or metro bus. In LA we all prefer pissed off rush hour traffic as our commute apparently. As many flights as I been on you would think I wouldn’t been so confused in a train station. My mission was to never walk around looking like a lost puppy or like I didn’t know what I was doing. I wanted to “blend in”. 8. Turn on iPhone location/stay in contact Stay in contact with family and friends even quick check ins.  

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