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Outdoor dining outfit tips

With the pandemic, restaurant dining has pivoted to outdoors. Where winter outdoor activities once stood on skiing, now they include a night out of dining. But of course no one wants to go to dinner dressed like they’re going on a ski trip, so I put together some tips for outdoor dining.

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Trench & teddy coats

This is my cold weather go to. Not only do they enhance your outfit, but they will keep you extra warm if you decide to order that icy margarita. Some of my favorites can be found at Zara and Max Mara.

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Who said socks can’t be stylish? If you don’t want to opt for boots for the evening you can throw on a pair of socks with loafers. Socks are a fun way to spice up your outfit.

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Warm layers and accessories

Layers are always a good idea. If you’re lucky to score a table next to a heater, you may become hot and wish to remove layers to stay comfortable.

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