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Suit your style

Power suits are not just for the office! My favorite thing about suits is their styling flexibility. They can be matched with your style aesthetic or daily mood. Following the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, I dedicated this suit styling to a sporty chic aesthetic. Here I am pictured in a Zara purple suit, Lakers #24 jersey, and two toned laced up mules. Here are some fun ways to wear a power suit.

Mix prints

One of my styling favorites, I resort to mixing prints by matching colors first. Firstly I adore this outfit. I love how the prints and color tones all come together from head to toe.

Casual suitability

Suits don’t always have to be for a job interview or the office. I’ve personally worn a suit with sneakers also pictured here by Aimee Song, who is one of my style inspirations.


Like any outfit, adding personal accessories is perfect for customizing your look. Here is an example with a hat but the sky is the limit. Hats, jewelry, clutches, eyewear, you name it. Here Constantly K accessorizes with perfection.

Find your power suit demands at Zara

I had so many questions regarding where I purchased my suit. I nonchalantly always replied Zara, where some seemed surprised. Zara is the greatest of one stop shopping, where you can incorporate your personal style with trendy and cost effective pieces. Zara caters to all my tips listed above, where I also purchased my two toned leather lace up mules.

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